• When Choice Doesn’t Feel Like a Choice

    Many parents, especially those with children entering a system vastly different from the one they grew up with, can find New Orleans’ school-choice system confusing at best.

  • A Ticket Out?

    Since Hurricane Katrina, poor, African-American students in New Orleans are going to college at higher rates than before the storm, thanks in part to intensive preparation programs like the one at Sci Academy.

  • Giving Up a Home for a Better School

    It’s difficult to paint a comprehensive picture of the educational experiences of the thousands of students who left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and never came back.

  • ‘Death of My Career’

    After floodwaters engulfed her home, Billie Dolce got walloped again. She was among the thousands of African-American women educators dismissed from New Orleans public schools.

  • A Medley of Culture and Academics

    Some of the charter organizations that took over New Orleans’ public schools after Hurricane Katrina work to find a balance between improving education and respecting the history and culture of the city’s schools.

  • Opting for Public School Over Private

    As the post-Katrina K-12 system evolves, can public schools in New Orleans entice middle-class families that for decades clustered in private schools?

  • The Last Word

    Can New Orleans deliver a high-quality education for all children regardless of race and income? Hear from those with the biggest stake in the answer.