Arianna Prothero Arianna Prothero is the charters and school choice beat reporter for Education Week. Arianna started working at the newspaper in 2014 after a four-year stint as a radio reporter, anchor and producer at WLRN, the NPR affiliate in Miami. Arianna got her degree in political science from Indiana University and her start in journalism at WFIU, the NPR member station in Bloomington, Ind.
  • When Choice Doesn’t Feel Like a Choice Many parents, especially those with children entering a system vastly different from the one they grew up with, can find New Orleans’ school-choice system confusing at best.
  • A Ticket Out? Since Hurricane Katrina, poor, African-American students in New Orleans are going to college at higher rates than before the storm, thanks in part to intensive preparation programs like the one at Sci Academy.
  • Opting for Public School Over Private As the post-Katrina K-12 system evolves, can public schools in New Orleans entice middle-class families that for decades clustered in private schools?